Nothing but the Facts, Ma’am.

Covid-19 was enough to get me to leave Facebook. I noted from the beginning that there was something wrong with the data, there still is. This did not go over well, and from the very first week, the Left pushed the political divide, as they do. If my pharmacist knows if I have had my tetanus shot or not, surely the state-of-the-art medical information sharing system, which American taxpayers spent billions of dollars improving over the past decade, can slice and dice data so folks can better understand what is happening. It can. After a year and a half the data and education being provided by the government and media is still piss poor. Why is it so bad? Incompetence or something much worse?

Anthony Fauci, America’s top paid bureaucrat, has been caught lying time and time again, but he still featured on nightly programming. You don’t get to be a the top paid bureaucrat, in a non-leadership position, if you are not a “Yes Man.” Most top bureaucrats are Yes Men. This guy has so many conflicts of interest, that should be an in-depth journalistic subject all in itself. Most people don’t want politics, they want the truth. There is so much misinformation, coercion, deceitful play with language, and lack of education, it is very difficult not to be skeptical. This virus has been politicized from the start. It is disgusting.

If the government and media are lying, where do we get the facts? Big Tech is in on the game, censoring anything it does not like and making research exceedingly difficult, it is nearly impossible to know the truth. Perhaps, more than anything that is the most honest thing that can be said. The troubling thing is that appears to be by design.

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