Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

While I still have difficulty discerning what the truth his about this convenient virus and the coercive measures to take an experiential medical procedure (not a vaccine), I do know when someone is lying about basic economic principles. The President lied his ass off the other day when stating reasons for why the inflation we are experiencing is temporary. He said that by inflating the currency supply to fund his non-infrastructure “infrastructure” and other big spending plans would lead to lower inflation. Inflation is literally defined by inflating the currency which reduces the value of the currency already in circulation. He then said that once money gets flowing in the system, inflation will be reduced. Again, the opposite is true. Inflationary pressures have been reduced because money velocity has been low. More currency circulating will also lead to higher inflation. It is clear that the President of the United States does not even have a rudimentary foundation of macro-economic principles -or- he is a bold faced liar or both. When such obvious lies are told, it makes me question all of the other suspicious doings and dealings.

It is very frustrating to watch one political party get a free pass, while the other is subject to actual malevolent conspiracies. While the self righteous adult child of trauma and their totalitarian overloads, otherwise known as the Left, preach the destruction of the nuclear family, community, death of the middle class, child abuse, religion, and work diligently to undermine freedoms to serve global banking and corporate interests, becoming fascists right in front of our eyes, the corrupt media spins this shit as hope and change. All of this leads me to believe we living in a corrupt system led by those with psychopathic thinking, but it has devolved into a kakistocracy – a society led by the least talented and immoral.

The current administration is by its own doing defined by lies, coercion, corruption, and back door dealings. It actually makes me miss the prior administration’s over sharing.

We are in the midst of the Great Reset. If one harkens back to the UN’s agenda 21 (meaning 2021) from a few decades ago, a clearly stated goal was to knock America down. The global powers think America enjoys too great of share of prosperity which they see as a problem. The Great Reset or The 2030 Agenda, both led by powerful global interests also seek the same. The goal is to destroy the American middle class and the freedom this country represents. The Federal Reserve policies that concentrate wealth among the very few will be at the detriment of the masses, of this I am sure. If one reads any of the referred to published documents with a basic basic understanding of economics and appreciation of history, the intent is barely between the lines, it is out in the open. However, like the current President, I think they are just to ignorant to understand or worse.

The New Racism being proffered by the Left is an intentional tactic to divide a Nation, so we a look the other way, while we are looted and our freedoms taken away. Without resistance, the end game is being cued. It shouldn’t be too long now.

“The opposite of courage is not cowardness, it is conformity.” – Rollo May

May you be a non-conformist and find courage.

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