Here We Go! Consequences of Post-Truth

The Post-Truth era is tough for those who like to work with their minds in the pursuit of objective reality that most can agree on. Mainstream news and content does not help the case. The merging of corporate, financial, and state power with tremendous digital, biological, and social technology is an underappreciated force. A force that directs many of our thoughts, therefore life. We accept the reality which we are presented. Much of our experience of reality has become digital, that is to say easily manipulated. Rage is known to move powerfully and quick through digital networks and society. The exploration of rage has been a boon for marketers, politicos, and social engineers. It’s potent and divisive tribalism is a sweet temptation few if any can resist. It cuts right to the heart of humanity’s innate icky-ness (sin). This just goes to show that despite our technological advancements, what motivates us is still the same as it ever was.

Whether you ascribe to the Judeo/Christian idea of original sin, or eastern thought’s idea that we create our own hell; it gets to the same idea, we are worst enemy… and once humans’ start organizing behind bad ideas, the suffering is about go through the roof. We are currently organizing behind faulty thinking and most folks are products of propaganda and ignorance. What is happening reminds me of the line in the movie Inglorious Bastards, when a Nazi asks “are we the baddies?” The Nazi’s thought they were fighting for righteousness and superior ideas, and unlike today they also made tremendous visible technological advancements. The ideas being proffered today by the merged banking, corporate, and state powers are horrible and very well may result in atrocities far worse than what happened in the 20th century. The German citizens in the middle of the 20th century were far more intelligent and educated than today’s North American Social Justice Warriors. Thanks to public schools and crap parenting the average American young person knows and understands little. Yet the desire to fit in and prove themselves to a tribe is exacerbated by the constant use of social media. Tribalism is perhaps humanity’s most notable trait. We know from early studies in Politically Correct culture, that if indulged groups will break off into smaller and smaller groups always with grievances toward the other. For a society to work this should not be indulged, yet today an entire political party and then some has adopted division between races, sex, gender, body shape, religion, today the Left is the source of all division in America. They do not want to get along, they do not want to abide, they do not want to have a good time and enjoy the fruits of our decadent empire (its in rapid decline anyway). They want to follow and enforce really bad ideas. Politicians on the Left have already made outrageous statements, calling conservatives terrorists. The Biden administration is talking about the working and middle class like the Clinton’s, calling them deplorables. This is the class of people they want to eradicate economically and disempower, hopefully that is just it. What is very clear is that propaganda now shapes the unthinking American mind, and most just go along in order to fit in with their tribes. We know this leads nowhere good, but there is little that can be done to stop it. The momentum toward destruction is in full swing. The system will fall and the suffering will be wide spread, but don’t worry the government will be there to prescribe the solution. The are the masters of create the problem, hyping the reaction, and forcing the solution.

May all be a little more aware today than they were yesterday.

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