Deadly Insurrection

As soon as I heard about the breach of the Peoples’ House, the Capitol Building, on January 6, I said to myself, they fucked up and now this will be used to squash further opposition to potential and future fraud. The media continues to call it, “deadly attack on the Capitol.” Five people died that day. Three were deemed of natural causes, one of an overdose, and one was an unarmed women shot by Capitol Hill Police.

Having lived in DC and witness to many protests and large events, I can tell you things get out of hand. I am guilty of hooting and hollering from the reflecting pool whilst on drugs. Things get out of hand and momentum takes folks along. Crowd psychology is fascinating; passions and energy can run high and take on a life of its own.

At the end of the day, our politicians, bureaucrats, and media are lying to us, we know this. None of this BS would be happening if these folks told the truth. Many conspiracies end up being more than just theories. Hell, folks used to make fun of people who believed in UFOs, now we know there are hundreds of reports and documented footage of UFOs by government officials. Oddly, people are more focused on make believe bogeymen than the confirmed existence of UFOs.

A Nation led by political agendas and lies that seek to control and coerce, is already an idiocracy, and hurdling its self toward a nightmare oligarchic fascist dystopia. Critical thinking and trying to determine objective truth should not be reviled, as it is by the party of “The Science.” In Brave New World they prayed to Ford, as in Henry Ford, that has been replaced in reality with “The Science.” It isn’t even the scientific method, it is pure propaganda called “The Science.”

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