Anti-Authoritarian? You are a Terrorist!

The Biden administration’s new domestic anti-terrorism law is broad and targets pretty much anyone who questions the mainstream narrative. The law targets individuals and groups for their ideological beliefs. This law targets citizens and seeks to snuff out any form of decent. It is nasty and is another success toward creating the nightmare oligarchic dystopia managed by technocrats, academia, and bureaucrats that concentrates wealth and power into the fewest hands. The United States on the back of Critical Theory, is flushing its imperfect but extraordinary achievements down the drain. It is exchanging enlightenment thinking for debasement. It makes one wonder why did the West sacrifice so much for freedom, democracy, religious tolerance, end the prehistoric institution of slavery, as well as all of the other rights we have enjoyed. Now half of the country empowered by intuitions self-righteously condemn these values as evil. We are decadent idiots! We are returning to man’s natural state, tyranny. The great American experiment is over. It has been destroyed in the manner all the warnings over the past half century said would come.

Radicals and imbecilic thought have taken over. Reading or ingesting mainstream news and or media should be contrasted with empirical evidence, and long held wisdom and morality. The blatant propaganda and lies is too much, and it hurts to realize that the majority of people do not realize what is happening, but support it, despite it being so easy to see.

The Left is preaching evil to appeal to baser natures and narcissism. It is shocking to realize how weak and feeble minded we have become. As many on the Left have suggested, the Constitution is an irrelevant document. They say this out of ignorance, but to them it sounds super cool to say, like they know better. We are slamming hard in the direction of totalitarianism and it has been planned. There have been too many warnings, too many globalist edicts predicting and foreshadowing what is happening now to call this anything but planned.

While critical theory says it fights for freedom from oppression it does so under the guise of societal control. Sure, you may be able to have orgies in the park with young children who identify as adults and be 3 different genders before noon, but you will not be allowed out of your city or state, work, or own anything without special permission or adequate social credit score. The radical Left which dominates the Democratic party, corporations, media, academia, government, what we used to call “The Man”, is combining all these powers to usher in a technocratic fascism that previously was dystopian fiction. Caste systems and slavery will make a comeback. Hillary Clinton called the working and much of the middle class “The Deplorables”, as those on the Left believe they are better. Slavery, of course, is not actually a problem for them. With an estimated 40 million in slavery today, many in sexual slavery, the Left looks the other way. There is too much slavery and child abuse happening, here in this country a major source is the southern border. Protecting the innocent is of no concern as it does not match the narrative.

America’s founding principles are noble and were created during a more thoughtful and intelligent period by courageous and strong men and women. We have not always been able to live up to these, but that does not mean that the principles are wrong.

I leave you with this. What makes people desire to be controlled? In Nazi Germany, which many historians call the most innovative and productive years in history, the citizens were able to get behind things that actually were marked improvements. In contrast America, has lost its mojo, is falling a part, and is kept afloat by pernicious centrally planned debt and Ponzi schemes that create monstrous wealth inequality. What is so fascinating about that, that we are willing to give up so much to support this?

Why do we fight for our enslavement?

**Update: Facebook, in lock step with the Biden administration has added a prompt asking if users know someone with “extremist” views. The same day, a dozen heavily armed black men in full combat gear were pulled over on I-95 in what resulted in an hours long stand off that closed the interstate. The media barely reported this, as it does not fit the narrative. Yo, merging of corporate and state powers is the most defining characteristic of fascism.

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