A Few Thoughts on Narcissistic Abuse

A few random thoughts rolling around…

Scapegoating is the process in which a person or group projects upon and blame others for the things they detest most about themselves (largely unconscious). An example would be mother sabotaging her daughters life so that the child is blamed and the mother can look good in comparison. Envy is the engine that powers empathy disorders. Mothers can envy their own children to the point that they use their power to coerce and destroy them, behind the scenes of course. I have even witnessed a mother encouraging other, even more vicious, psychopaths to abuse her daughter, so that the mother can feel powerful and in control.

On the flip side, The Golden Child is the one with the halo. The Golden Child represents all the ways the mother sees herself, it’s her idealized self. If the mother sees herself as creative wandering free-spirit she will imbue these on to the child. This child will receive little to no criticism, unlike the scapegoat, and will be revered regardless of merit or consequence.

The same dynamics can play out at the societal level; blame shifting and projection onto scapegoats and underserving groups. Today injustice is being served by those exclaim they are just. The racists’ are crying racism. The abusers portray innocence. The perpetrators tell you they are the victims. The closed minded say they are free thinkers and the poets are illiterate… on and on. It is gaslighting, blame, and projection using the controls of fear, obligation, and guilt – the tools of psychopaths. Today’s democratic party expresses institutionalized psychopathy. The party has established dependency, trauma bonds, and has become a beacon for the spiritually corrupt and unwell (mental health problems). The party, not the good guys, is almost everything they publicly say they are not and they taking the Nation to a bad place. What do psychopaths and narcissists want? To Win and Control.

Be careful of those claiming victimhood. Narcissists and psychopaths can portray themselves as morally superior by using victimhood status. Basically, if they can be the victim, that is a win in their book.

Be on guard psychopaths can take on all forms an sizes. They can look like a sweet grandmother, beautiful girl, or a total nerd or loser etc. The tip is they will oscillate between moral superiority and victim status usually through gossip or conjecture. Any display of foundational morality is for show.

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