Space Weather & Climate

Space weather is exciting to be aware of. The Sun and forces outside of our atmosphere have huge impacts on the Earth’s weather. Recently we have entered a solar minimum, a cyclical occurrence marked by low Sun Spot activity (less radiation warming the Earth’s Atmosphere). With the reduction of Sun Spot activity temperatures, as expected, are cooling. Humans effect on the Earth is minimal compared to all of the other forces that impact the state of the planet. A lot of the climate change hysteria is driven by ignorance and species aggrandizement .

Let’s look at this logically. What will creating carbon credit trading markets do? We know that they slightly reduce emissions, but significantly increase costs on consumers, hitting poor nations particularly hard, and they enrich a few by opening a new market to trade. It is most certainly another wealth transfer scam from the bottom to the top. The other part of the Left’s agenda to tackle climate change is to first go all in on a massive debt fueled consumption and destruction spree. In order to power the new green economy we must first rip up and consume the Earth to mine for all the materials and ramp up pollutive industrial production. This is why all earnest climate action groups promote conservation first and foremost. What is really happening is that we are sitting at home consuming like never before. We are racking up all time high trade deficits and consuming so much there are supply shortages. The economy needs debt based consumption to continue, that is what the Green New Deal really is.

Any true environmentalist would also promote fiscal restraint, as to not pull future consumption forward in time. Because we are not being asked to conserve, we know that the climate change agenda is what it appears, a measure for control not to benefit the natural world.

If you want to improve the environment conserve, be mindful, and lend a hand. Be responsible for your actions, that is all you need to do, that is all you ever need to do.

*Notice how the Boomers, the generation that exploited the good work of their parents and grandparents now stealing from the unborn, want others to pay for their generations’ excesses. This much worse than shaming young boys about their gender and race. These are but a few example of the intergenerational abuse happening within our society. It is scapegoating and abuse, it is not justice.

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