No Talk of Health During a Health Crisis

Conspicuously absent during the great post-modern health crisis is any talk about health. The fear mongering, propaganda, and lying for profit and power is proffered so frequently by corporate media and state cooperative organizations that it should be thought of as an attack on minds and autonomic nervous system of us all. We have been force fed nonsense for 18 months, causing many to lose sense of reality and situational awareness. This has been assault and abuse. Not only has the data and supposed ‘science’ been misleading and liable, but few if any of the corporate owned media outlets (aka mainstream media) has devoted headlines or primetime to education about the virus, vaccine, and most importantly mental and physical health.

Comorbidities are known to exponentially increase risk of mortality in those who contract the flu, Covid-19, and other viruses and parasites. In the case of Covid-19 those suffering with obesity and related health issues are in the highest risk. Yet recent studies show that obesity and the girth of the American waistline has shot up during this time. Children and youth, who are being traumatized and abused the worst, have seen a 24% increase in obesity during this time (approximately 6 million more children are obese or overweight). This will have almost as a severe impact as the psychological and physiological trauma they are being subjected to. For any not familiar with my blog, I believe we have systemic child abuse but it barely registers.

The Federal Government cares about power and control, there are few if any policies that indicate they actually care about the health of citizens more than profits for drug, food, insurance and sick-care industrial complexes. We know that healthy people who exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, and get some sunshine do much better when it comes to sickness and disease in all age groups. The problem in this case is the virus, yet only one solution is being offered; an experimental gene therapy (apparently a vaccine in name only) that is causing numerous adverse side effects in the short term with unknown long term consequences. However, like most problems there are multiple possible solution sets. One of those is focusing on personal health and building up one’s immune system. Alternative solutions are never presented via the mainstream, in fact they are derided and ridiculed. Big Pharma has not seen a boon like this since Medicare part D. Who are these closed-minded ideologues, and furthermore why are they so nasty concerning their own ignorance? (tribalism and fear?)

During this pandemic a forceful effort has been made to trigger the sympathetic nervous systems (fight or flight response) and to keep it firing and fatigued. The human system goes haywire if this state becomes chronic, which we are seeing. Overdoses, suicide, and a host of mental and physical health problems and faulty thinking are skyrocketing. The consequences will likely dwarf the health fallout of the virus, they may persist for decades. Perhaps this never really was about public health, as the pandemic was politicized early and fiercely. We the people need to do better standing up to the wave of totalitarianism washing over the globe masquerading as virtue.

Remember, totalitarianism is a result of mass psychosis, please look out for your physical, mental, and spiritual health and that of others.

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