My Body, My Choice

“My Body, My Choice,” is the most prominent and well known phrase among pro-abortion feminists. This phrase is a bar against any reasoning, morality, critical thinking, or even science, it is an absolute. Yet, it is likely, that these same people support a mass experimental genetic therapy, called the Covid-19 vaccination. Many support this to the extent of creating a two-tier society, stigmatizing and limiting personal freedoms of those who refuse the medical procedure regardless of risk.

Hypocrisy and moral relativity is a prominent feature of Left-leaning politics. It is important to remember, that the “my body, my choice” argument is being made to shutdown those who believe abortion is tantamount to murder, as the fetus carried to term would become a breathing person, it is being cut short. 1M+ abortions happen in this Nation every year. A mother’s womb is far deadlier than the current virus.

The “my body, my choice” crowd should be the most vocal advocates for individual bodily choice across the spectrum of medical or government interventions involving self agency of our bodies. The argument for abortion begins to fall apart if it is exemption to the rule, a stand alone with no greater moral reasoning. My body, my choice is fairly good reasoning for almost everything except when it harms others, and that is why it gets tricky with abortion, it is much less so with experimental gene therapies.

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