More Harsh Lockdowns Coming

The Tokyo Olympics will not have people in the stands, as Japan institutes a new lockdown due to a recent uptick in SARS-COV-2 cases (100 more this Tuesday as the Tuesday prior). Now all the world will see the continuing menace this virus is. The optics will create a somber feel over this international competition and is a clear signal to all that more is to come.

All of the recent rhetoric seems to point to new substantial lockdowns in the future. If they can shut folks out of Olympic stadiums due to an insignificant uptick in cases, imagine what governments will be able to do this Fall when the seasonal uptick is a little more significant. Covid-19 spreads exactly like the common cold, which an average adult catches 2-3 times per year, but presents more like a flu. It is not a particularly deadly disease, probably less than the seasonal flu, but because it spreads like a cold, it is very contagious.

Control, power, and wealth grab, the name of the game is the same as it ever was. The means to achieve these ends is fear and confusion. For those who think this is not orchestrated, you just haven’t been paying attention. Please do. As always ask who benefits. Does the average person benefit from all this fear mongering and division? No! Do powerful corporate and state interests? Yes. The Billionaires, have had the best year of their lives. Heck, they are even playing a game which one goes to space first on their own private rocket ship. The bottom 50% and small business got trounced. Without Trillions of funny money being pumped into the economy, most going up not down, the economy would be in freefall collapse. Sure, we have been posting incremental increases in GDP, but the debt has been expanding exponentially. You may ask why does this guy always talk about economics and monetary policy. Who do you think is trying to take control? It’s right in front of your face – Central Banks.


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