Life as a Teenager

Because my teen years, and I suspect yours too, were so consequential I often think about what it must be like to be a teen today. The teen years, according to recent research, should be considered the second critical period of childhood development; empathetic care and guidance are critical. I always say that a greatest tragedy in life is what happens during teenage years can have serious effects on the rest. This is the time when a person learns who they are in relation to the world not just the family. If a family or society instilled stupid ideas and failed to protect them then things will go horribly wrong.

A teen today is awash in pornography, social comparison, shame, is disconnected, and subjected to monstrous debt burdens and Ponzi schemes to support their grand parents’ decadent lifestyle. We are imposing confusing and often illogical ideas and political propaganda, even using them as pawns. They have been terrorized and locked down the worst, while at least risk, by this virus that will cost them more than all of America’s 20th Century wars combined. Now they learning to shame themselves for the sins of their ancestors. This is pure scapegoating on a societal level. There is no justice, no equity or fairness – just immoral intergenerational predatory behavior. The young are subjected to pressure, ideas, imagery, relationships that are literally not natural. Nobody is protecting them from the world we created.

We have lost our way. Think about this, 60% of black females are sexually abused by 18, child sex trafficking and slavery is exploding, sexualizing the young is mainstream culture. How a Nation treats its most vulnerable tells you about its soul. Female, black, white, green, single mothers, teachers, dreamer, intersexed or whatever, are NOT more important than children.

We are pathologically preying on our young as a result of our own shortcomings.

Be good to one another, we are all suffering this thing called life that was imposed upon us. Let’s create a world making the best use of our abilities as a species: empathy, creativity, foresight and reason.

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