Inflation the hidden tax

Now that the banker’s party is in power and has allowed the Federal Reserve (a private banking cartel) to take complete control of the economy with its shenanigans (interest rate rigging, inflating the currency supply) we have been promised that the price inflation we are experiencing is only transitory. A Bank of America strategist agreed recently. His words were a bit more dire calling it “transitory” but adding “hyper-inflation for up to four years.”

Inflation, for those who do not know, is monetary phenomenon that results from increasing the money supply, thus devaluing the purchasing power of dollars already in existence. The consumer sees this in price increases, but it is really irresponsible handling of the money supply. We have been hyper-inflating the money supply since Obama took office and it has only gotten more dramatic in the recent years. The United States is the most indebted Nation in history with declining productivity, unfavorable demographics (Boomers retiring), and increasingly dysfunctional institutions and governance. In short, there is no way to ever payoff the debt without sacrificing the young and the unborn to much, much lower standards of living, which is the obvious plan. The US will have to claim something akin to bankruptcy or inflate the debt away with worthless dollars. Our ever irresponsible leaders and poorly educated voter base has made the decision, inflation it is. This will ultimately result in the death of the dollar as world reserve trade currency, destroying the remarkable privilege we all enjoy. This, to me, is indicative of our societal child abuse and not giving a shit about posterity.

Everything has been rigged and the name of the game is to concentrate wealth and power into a few hands at the expense of the many. In the meantime the US has extremely low workforce participation but consumers, via funny money at the expense of the young, have been spending more than ever raking up record trade deficits. Too much money chasing to few goods is another inflationary pressure. All of this is brought to you by those who say they care about the environment… they don’t. Fueling hyper-consumption, which is also a part of the New Green Deal, is not environmentally friendly. The environmental rhetoric is absolute BS, it is clearly about control and creating new markets to broker and profit.

Once the inflation genie has been let out of the bottle it is very difficult to put it back in. The Federal Reserve has proven to be almost always wrong or deliberately misleading. I have previously warned that Modern Monetary Theory, the Bernie, AOC, and Yang thing, could only lead to inflation, it has arrived. There is no way out of this debt spiral without a lot of pain and/or complete breakdown.

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