Idiocracy 2016

The Republican National Convention is this week, and as the “summer of chaos” continues I am curious to see what level of intelligence will be on display. It is noted that people with IQs in the mid-to-upper 80s tend to have a propensity for violence. I suspect that this has to do with their ability to process only simple information, such as media driven narratives and social and political dogma. They lack the intelligence to think critically and process complexity. Politicians use the term “useful idiot” to describe people of average or bellow intelligence that they manipulate to push their agenda. As our society careens towards idiocracy and intellectual thought is met with suspicion if not out right condemnation, I wonder what tasty nuggets of this we will see in the upcoming days and months. One thing is clear to me, the American people are angry and divided but completely lack the understanding as to why. They seem to think it is a left/right thing, but that is just what is being sold.

In general it is said that liberals tend to be slightly more intelligent than conservatives, but it does not mean that Democrats are smarter than Republicans. Most of us in the West have a classical liberal foundation which has more in common with what we call libertarian today. Most modern liberals tend to identify with progressivism, and perhaps large central planning of the economy and society. Conservatives tend to value that which is more traditional. In fact, it has been shown using brain scans that liberals are more likely to take risks and comfortable with change, while conservatives are less risky and more fearful. It is important to note that not all change or progress is good, especially if societal risk is involved. Conversely, living a life of fear and resisting change can be stifling. Today’s revered liberal intellectuals are rather smug in their belief that the do indeed know better than the masses. But as Socrates proved centuries ago, and subsequently put to death for, this is not necessarily true.

Simply, having high intelligence means you are able to process and analyze complexity. It is my belief, because of these smug bastards, we now live in a society that is unnecessarily complex. Take the economy for example. Free market capitalism by itself is pretty straight forward and simple. However, by adding central and fractional reserve banking, sophisticated debt instruments, market manipulation (by intellectuals) on top of Keynesian economic theory, we now have a system of ever increasing complexity that only a few understand and benefit from. In this case, it has become so complex that even the intellectuals that created it are no longer competent. In my personal experience rarely is adding complexity a benefit; the more I reject it, the happier I am. Today’s (pseudo) intellectuals try to achieve a system that only they can understand which lacks the elegance and beauty of simplicity. For the rest of us who may not be able to process what is happening, we look up to the ivory towers to guide and save us. Indeed, we are looking at the same people who created the mess. When Einstein was looking for his Unified Theory, he knew that it would only be correct when it was simple.  Complexity, while it may be understood by the high-minded, is not a sign of achievement or the goal.

Now that Hillary is a shoe-in for the Presidency, I had to chuckle when she named her husband economic czar. The man who repealed Glass-Stiegel that paved way for the 2008 economic crisis and the one yet to come, who passed NAFTA – the blueprint for TPP and TTIP, leading to the complete finacialization of the economy which now serves the few. She also vowed to continue Obama’s policies of skyrocketing debt (heavy burden, destroying productivity), financialized healthcare, and role as geopolitical antagonist. Unbeknownst to most people these are the real sources of inequality, never-mind the whisper of sweet nothings by the way of social programs and promises. They seek a complexity out of reach of the majority so that they can control them and benefit a few. The message they sell of division is more easily comprehended by the masses.  It is effective and serves as a distraction as they get on with the business of their psychopathic looting of the nation and the globe.

I hope you will consider voting 3rd party.

Christian X

* Researchers actually know a lot about intelligence and IQ, but because it is not PC, it is rarely discussed.

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