Determining Good or Bad

How does one determine if someone is a good or bad person? It’s not what they say, but what they do when they have power over others. For many that is parenting and their close relationships. Parenting affords god-like power over the innocent and vulnerable. How a Nation treats it’s children says about the health of the society. Parental abuse is the most heinous of sins because it is the deepest of biological and psycho- spiritual betrayals. All adults who have been betrayed by their parents as children have trust and personal development issues.

Those without power cannot claim to be good or bad, as Jordan Peterson has pointed out. You can only ever make that determination when a person has some dominion over something that affects others. Manipulation, dishonesty, coercion, gossip, guilting are all things that are bad. If a person does them enough they are bad. This is also true of governments, organizations, and societies.

Doing bad is hard work. There is a lot of mental effort and lying involved. Doing good comes easy for the psycho-spiritually unburdened. It is necessary for all individuals to locate the source of their insecurities and unresolved trauma in order to stop victimizing themselves (justification for hurting others and moral superiority ) and squash hate of their Shadow (often represented in children).

*Scapegoating: is the result of the individual or society not coming to terms with the worst part of themselves (Shadow) and projecting it onto other individuals or groups – it’s not them it’s you.

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