A Simple Diddy about Politics

Conservatives wish to conserve things, progressives wish to change things. It’s true, what we call the left is comfortable with change, while the conservatives take a bit more convincing. If you use reason and logic, there is a good chance you can sway a conservative, but a solid case will have to be made with some real world evidence. The left likes the flux, change is exciting especially if it feels righteous, the left just need the right emotional appeal tailored for popular consumption. Once the party line is established it seems that no number of crimes, frauds or deceptions will have them questioning if there is something wrong with their feed. It is like a trance. They are clearly and classically projecting their own hatreds unto people who really don’t even know what they are talking about, and just would prefer to be left alone without being hysterically bombarded about the latest hair-brain programming they are pimping.

The left is especially close with the banking sector and globalized network of multi-nationals, for all the crumbs they bribe the masses with, they are serving up cake to the few at the expense of the many.

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