AIDS & COV-SARS-2 & Traumatized Youth

I came of age at the height of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980’s. It was a terrifying time for a young person on the cusp of sexual activity. Though authorities knew the virus with a 100% mortality rate effected certain groups much more than others, gays and intravenous drug users, federally funded campaigns did not make that distinction. The reasoning was to not to further stigmatize these groups. These campaigns made it seem like everyone was equally at risk who was having sex. For a young teen like me, this was terrifying. No longer was pregnancy the top concern, but the authorities were telling us that having sex could kill us in the most horrendous way; as emaciated disease ravished victims were regularly featured on the evening news. They scared the shit out us! The truth was, and known by authorities, that a young heterosexual teen having early sexual experiences was at miniscule to no risk.

Fast forward to today, and like the AIDS epidemic of the 1980’s, authorities have done very little to distinguish what groups are at high risk for the low likelihood of death due to Covid-19. Yet, it is the young, teens who have been the most traumatized. They are the ones who have be educated by irrational fear, been heavily restricted, racked up tremendous federal debt that they will be responsible for, social development curtailed; as a populous their lives have been the most affected. Yet, authorities have known that Covid-19 has little effect on the young and the healthy. Additionally there is enough anecdotal evidence to cause concern for the reproductive organs of young women who take the experimental gene therapy being called a “vaccine”. The effects of the Covid-19 hysteria has forever altered the psychology, sociology, and for many the biology of today’s youth.

If you read this blog, you know I believe we live in a society that has normalized child abuse. This is just one poignant example. The young growing up in post-modern times have had very different experiences than adults who grew up during the modern era. We have traumatized them wildly, failed to protect their innocence, and taught them hypocrisy, idiosyncrasies, and thoroughly confused them. The consequences of this are just becoming known, as we see a large cohort resigned, apathetic, depressed, fearful, poorly socialized, and uninterested in activities that were previously pursued with vigor by previous generations.

There are few articles or studies focus on how the Covid hysteria has affected the young. Many years later the AIDS epidemic still affects my attitudes toward sex; because it traumatized me during what psychologists call the second critical period of development, adolescent/teen years. The over the top response to Covid-19, and the misplaced blame on the young for its spread will result in many consequences for the ongoing lack of transparency, education, and the continued propagation of misinformation.

It makes me question are their any responsible adults left? It looks like each generation is playing hot-potato with the next. Who will be left with the crumbling infrastructure, the debt and entitlement burdens, institutionally corrupt Ponzi schemes (wealth transfer from young to old), and to clean up the mess while operating out of fear and trauma… we know. I see you and feel sorry for you Gen Z.

Be good to your children. They are individuals, who need empathetic care and support, they are not narcissistic extensions of parents or politics.

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