Privileged Debt Slaves

January 27, 2021 Christian X 0

The stock market marches ever higher, doubling in the last four years, it can not do anything but. Nobody pays attention to central banking, banking […]

Compliance Culture

January 22, 2021 Christian X 0

First we had politically correct that policed speech, followed by cancel culture that sought to eliminate speech, we are now entering Compliance Culture where speech will be punished.

Beauty as a Virtue

January 17, 2021 Christian X 0

In the post-modern world there is lack of appreciation for beauty. It has been replaced by profane kitsch and self expression. This is evidenced in […]

The Mindfuck Continues

January 15, 2021 Christian X 0

There has been more than a century of research and experimentation into effective propaganda delivery (Public Relations), behavioral research, social media manipulation, and, yes, even […]